Terms & Conditions

Website Content | We do not provide any graphics, images or text to our customers. Hence, we are not responsible for any of the content featured on websites sold by KreativWorld.

Update & Maintenance | Our service does not include updating or maintaining domain and hosting services on websites that have been implemented by KreativWorld.

Damages | We are not responsible for any damages that occur on websites sold by KreativWorld.

Refund | KreativWorld does not accept returns and all purchases are final. Therefore we do not refund customers who purchased a KreativWorld website.

Service Time-frame | We provide free customer service for up to 30-day period from the purchase date. After the complimentary month, all customer care services will be available to the customer at an hourly rate.

Customers Responsibility | Customers that would fail to provide us with the domain name and web host after a period of 30-day will not be processed neither refunded.